R.I.P. Halloween Adventure

Another very sad Covid casualty, friends. It was a rumor, now it’s official. Halloween Adventure, that indispensible East Village costume emporium will be closing.

With no exaggeration, there is no store in NYC I have ever spent more time or money in. Affordable ready made costumes, make-up, props and gags for dozens of my shows. I still have bags of their wares in my house. Their magic section alone (i.e. magic tricks, for magicians) was a source of wonder. It seems foregone that there won’t be another place like it in Manhattan, not one that huge, anyway. Real estate prices will never allow it. Hopefully, some enterprising person will someday start a similar store in one of the outer buroughs. (And Halloween Adventure has two other locations in Pennsylvania, so they’ll still be in business). That’s fine for one’s NEEDS. But what about one’s WANTS? Like, I used to go in there just to go in there, to look at the cool stuff, kill time, and soak up the atmosphere. It was also a delightful short cut between Broadway and Fourth Avenue. And the most lovable freaks worked there, including some of my friends. I’ve also heard that their sister store Gothic Renaissance is on the same chopping block. There is no joy in mudville.

If I had a little jingle in my pocket and there was no pandemic on, you KNOW I’d be taking advantage of this clearance sale. You definitely should. Find ’em here.