Kimberly Faye Greenberg IS “The Fabulous Fanny”

How will YOU be observing Fanny Brice’s birthday? I started this day out by watching Fabulous Fanny: The Songs and Stories of Fanny Brice, Kimberly Faye Greenberg’s one woman show that tells the story of Brice in song and patter. Is it chutzpah to do a show about Brice that’s not Funny Girl? Of course, and Greenberg possesses it in spades. But chutzpah is a virtue in show biz and Fabulous Fanny occupies a different lane than Funny Girl — it’s not a book show, but a first person “biographical” telling punctuated with the songs we associate with Brice like “Second Hand Rose”, “Lovey Joe”, etc etc etc. In short, it’s Fanny straight up and uncut, for those who want a SHOT of Fanny — not a short list, I should hope, among theatre lovers. As for the performance, Greenberg is brassy and exuberant, faithful to the original and no shrinking violet. It’ll give you a nice escape for an hour, and though there are sad patches in Brice’s biography, the saddest fact that will emerge from the show is the realization that you don’t get to see it in a real theatre at the moment. But Greenberg, like her hero, is a smart cookie — she’s already taking bookings for 2021-23, for as soon as this Covid mishigas is over. It’s perfect for cabarets, schools, colleges, community centers, and as someone who works the senior circuit himself I say this with no arch intentions — senior centers! But til then, watch it now! Here’s the link:

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