Tomorrow: Two Great Ways to Celebrate Groucho’s Birthday

Almost as if I KNEW I would be cooped up in my house for a year, just about a year ago I stretched my legs a bit and traveled to San Francisco and environs and western New York and some other places and I’m real glad I did, whew, because I’d be even more antsy right now. I’ve been thinking about all the California folks I visited and what they’ve been going through now with the wildfires.

Now it’s on to another memory! Tomorrow (Friday, October 2) is Groucho Marx’s birthday, which means that it’s already been a year since I was at Marxonia Fredonia! As it happens we can celebrate Groucho’s birthday (and Fredonia Marxonia) wherever we are tomorrow, because TCM will be showing Marx Brothers movies ALL DAY. I’ll be live tweeting during the whole marathon, 6am-6pm. Please follow me on Twitter for the fun. Then at 7pm, friend Noah Diamond is going to do this year’s Fredonia Marxonia talk remotely, so we can all tune in! Check it out here:

(And just a heads up — This Coming Sunday night TCM will be showing several Buster Keaton films — I’ll be live tweeting those as well). 

To learn more about vaudeville, please see No Applause, Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous, and for more on classic comedy please read Chain of Fools: Silent Comedy and Its Legacies from Nickelodeons to Youtube.