Doe Doe Green: The Original Gabe

Doe Doe Green (Thomas Overton, 1888-1944) started his performing life as a rodeo clown and comedian at the 101 Ranch in his native Oklahoma. He then worked his way east as a comedian on the TOBA circuit, an actor in minstrel shows and vaudeville, and, eventually Broadway, where he was seen frequently until the end of his life. His Broadway shows included, Liza (1922-23), Appearances (1925 and 1929), and If (1927). There are countless references (programs, clippings, photographs) to him playing Gabriel in both the original (1930-31) and 1935 productions of The Green Pastures although somehow IBDB has omitted to list him. Oscar Polk played the role in the movie version, Green himself was in but a single movie Enemies of the Law (1931) with Mary Nolan and Lou Tellegen. His remaining Broadway appearances were in Miss Gulliver’s Travels (1931), The Big Blow (1938-39), I know What I Like (1939) and The Patriots (1943). Cancer took him in 1944.

He is not to be confused with the female jazz vocalist Dodo Greene (Dorthea Hawkins, 1924-2006) who released several albums in the early 1960s.

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