Dorothy Parker Comes Home to Rest

We’ve never been so proud of our pal Kevin Fitzpatrick, Founder of Marxfest and The Dorothy Parker Society, and author of many an indispensible tome, as when we learned that he recently ended the long crazy Odyssey of Dorothy Parker’s ashes and got them properly interred near her relatives at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. It was a Marine’s instinct to honor her in this way, accomplished in a typically quiet and non-self-aggrandizing way, at the very moment when his vanishing breed are being so ill-served by their own Commander-in-Chief. The New Yorker has this terrific article about the journey; and here is the New York Times’ take; and you can also see Kevin’s own understated account on his own Dorothy Parker website. The pandemic prevented a lot of fanfare for this moment — hopefully we can all turn out and pay our respects by the time a marker is erected.

Dorothy’s ashes at the Baltimore Amtrak station awaiting the train that will take her home. Photo by Kevin Fitzpatrick