Tomorrow: Meet The Clowns of Vaudeville 

Bert Lahr

The first week in August is always National Clown Week, first inaugurated crazily enough by President Richard Nixon in 1971. Be that as it may, I’ll be honoring the day tomorrow with a special Zoom talk on vaudeville clowns and slapstick screen comedians. As always it will be free to my Patreon supporters and $5 per to the general public via paypal ( Log-in info will be sent once you’ve enrolled.

August 1, 2pm (EST): The Clowns of Vaudeville 

Here’s the Patreon campaign. Hope to see you there!

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  1. […] Noted Vaudevillologist Trav SD will be giving a very informative and entertaining Zoom Lecture about the Clowns of Vaudeville.  It starts at 2 pm Eastern on Saturday August 1.  And costs just $5 to attend, and it’s free for his patreons.  (So you could join his patreon for $1 a month and then see the lecture, if you were a super cheapskate!)  More info here […]


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