For World Goth Day: Several Essays on the Gothic

Is it good or bad that I began World Goth Day by breaking my Edgar Allan Poe mug into a million pieces on the kitchen floor this morning? On the one hand, it sucks. On the other hand, it is my affirmation that the joint is haunted! At any rate, I thought I would use this as an opportunity to bundle together several essays I have written about Gothic horror. Travalanche has close to 200 horror posts, on a wide variety of topics, most of them about actors, directors and producers involved with classic horror films, and the classic horror film franchises themselves (and by classic, we mean prior to the middle of the last century. The 1980s will never be considered classic here). Lest they get lost in the shuffle, here are some links to posts specifically about the Gothic in films and literature:

Some Thoughts on Gothic Horror

On the Vaudeville of Gothic Horror

Imported Nightmares: On Some Early and Influential German(ic) Horror

On the Life and Death and Life Again of Gothic Horror

And on some authors:

Edgar Allan Poe

Mary Shelley

The First Vampire Story

Bram Stoker

H.P. Lovecraft (Providence)

Lovecraft 2 (Brooklyn)

Spurs: The Story That Gave us Todd Browning’s Freaks

Fitz James O’Brien 

Again, for nearly 200 articles about classic horror films, go here.