R.I.P. David Green: Killed by Trump

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. David Green, my stage manager on I’ll Say She Is has died of Covid-19. David wasn’t a professional stage manager (though he was in the theatre) but we needed one badly and couldn’t seem to find anyone so I threw it out there that we needed one, and he stepped up and did his best. He was a very nice guy.

My feelings at this moment are a stew of grief, shock, terror, and incalculable fury at the inaction of this incompetent, callous President and his army of enablers. People are dying across this country. David is my second friend to die of the disease, and the past two months have been a daily ritual of sending messages of condolences to scores of friends and colleagues who have lost friends and relatives (usually parents and grandparents). Wear a mask — it hinders the spread of the disease. If you go out in public and you don’t wear a mask, whether or not you think you’re carrying the disease (and frankly you don’t know if you are because there are no tests), you’re a fucking monster and we’re done. Full stop. As I’ve articulated before, if you don’t like what I have to say about this, stop reading this blog and fuck off. Clear enough? Here’s more on the man who just died because this “President” didn’t take action months ago, and still hasn’t: