Trav S.D.’s Quarantine Song

Happy Easter! It’s well timed this year, isn’t it? Thanks to Spring Hay Fever I go to bed at least once a week convinced I’m going to die, and then wake up the next morning, lo and behold, I don’t have Covid-19!

At any rate, I look forward to a general rebirth. I don’t know if the nation is PAST the curve yet, but as always I’m BEHIND the curve. It only took me a month to figure out my rapid response — a semi-humorous topical country song in the manner of Hoyt Axton, fresh off the presses, semi-rehearsed with lyrics I’m still readin’ off the paper and bad audio (maybe try ear buds?) Lyrics are below for any friends who are ready, willing and able to perform it better than me.

I can’t tell the morning from the evening now.
I can’t tell the sun from the moon.
I can’t tell a bully from a rich man’s cow.
Don’t know if it’s May or June

(I’m in that) quarantine, with hands I can’t get clean.
Quarantine: I’m going moon-mad in my bean.

A million minutes more of sullen solitude.
A billion trillion hitches in my plans.
A jillion zillion seconds for to sit and brood.
Time to wash the time off my hands.


Lord I’d love to walky walk from here to there
Love to take my shelter at the bar.
Lord I hate this mask that I’m supposed to wear.
Love to spit at people from my car


Lord I do regret my lack of vigilance.
Wish I didnt give away the farm.
Lord I do repent me of my stubborn stance
and the day I broke my burglar a-larm

Chorus (repeat)

copyright (c) 2020 Trav S.D.