Dick D. Zigun and Nikos Brisco – Bloody Brains in a Jukebox: A Rock Opera

Sorry this show is closed but God willing Coney Island will get a chance to revive it once the crisis blows over. Jennifer Wilcox offers up her thoughts

Puppets in Review

review by Jennifer Wilcox

March 6, 2020
Coney Island Sideshow Stage

This opera is as downtown as you can get with all the joy of live music and cardboard cars.

Coney Island USA is known for the mermaids, but the off-season is alive and well behind the Freak Bar on the Coney Island Sideshow Stage. Dick D. Zigun and Nikos Brisco’s BLOODY BRAINS IN A JUKEBOX: A ROCK OPERA, directed by the award winning and Circus Amok founder Jennifer Miller and produced by Funhouse Philosophers, is the newest development on the Seashore. We start with a story that is reminiscent of a Russ Meyer film that is deliciously campy, sly and sexy. The music carries us on a sci-fi trip that weaves scene after scene together. Add staging that embraces the actors and playing space and you’ve got yourself a show that a Coney Island crowd will relish.

“Bloody Brains…

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