A New Show for the Year of the Rat!

Logo By Noah Diamond

Happy Chinese Year of the Rat!

Today seems an ideal time to announce the imminent emergence of a show I have been working on for years with composer David Malamud, The Twisted Tale of the Rat King! Our new comic opera has nothing to do with Chinese Culture, or the “Rat” zodiacal sign, but it HAS got to do with a monstrous rat-man, much in the mold of Universal Pictures’ monsters like the Wolf Man and the Mummy. And it is told in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan! Thanks to Opera on Tap we have presented sections of it in previous workshops. But we’ve done a new round of revisions and we’re looking to present a workshop of the entire show before the Year of the Rat is out, Hopefully, a full production will be forthcoming long before the next Year of the Rat!  Meantime, more info about the show can be found here, along with demoes of many of the songs. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must pose for my publicity photo. Say, “Extra cheese!”

Also by Noah. Can Noah do rats, or what?