Florence Hackett: Lurking Lady of Lubin

A somewhat shadowy figure is stage mother and actress Florence Hackett (Florence Hart, 1882-1954). It is known that she came from Buffalo and married a man named Maurice Hackett. It is logical to assume that she had a stage background, though I’ve not yet uncovered any specifics.

What is known is that in the early years of the 20th century, her sons Raymond Hackett and Albert Hackett became Broadway child actors; later they went into the movies. Later their sister Jeanette Hackett (of Hackett and Delmar) joined them in show business as well. In 1911, Florence became one of the stars of the Lubin studio. In this 1915 article she claims to have been the first actress hired. She typically played meddlers and villainesses. Her 2nd husband and frequent co-star was Biograph veteran Arthur V. Johnson, who died in early 1916. Hackett appeared in 43 films for a variety of studios through 1917. After a gap of 3 years she appeared in one last one, Broken Hearts (1920).

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