Top 10 Travalanche Posts for 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we have several year-end and decade-end posts in the works. We post this one a little early, as we’re fairly confident that the standings won’t change in the days remaining in the year. These are the top 10 posts on Travalanche for 2019. You may note a theme emerging from this selection. The public’s tastes prove to be somewhat lurid. But you already knew that. To read the posts in question, just follow the links.

1. The Long Awaited Lowdown on Mason Reese
2. Robert Blake: From Little Rascal to Big, Terrifying Rascal
3. The Best Comic Drunks (and Drunk Comedians) of All Time
4. Will Geer: Queer, Communist & American as Apple Pie
5. The Horrific Fate of B Movie Bombshell Yvette Vickers
6. The Sad Suicide of Stanley Adams
7. George Sanders: Committed Suicide Because He Was Bored
8. Terry-Thomas and His Tragic Final Days
9. Of Robert Reed & The Secrets of “The Brady Bunch”
10. On the 1977 Theft of Charlie Chaplin’s Corpse