Louis Sorin: Not Just Roscoe W. Chandler

Louis Sorin (1893-1961) is well known to Marx Brothers fans as Roscoe W. Chandler a.k.a. Abe Kabibble a.k.a. Abie the Fish Man in Animal Crackers (1930). But Sorin had a long stage and screen career apart from his best known role. His first Broadway credit was Humoresque (1923) with Laurette Taylor and Luther Adler. After another half dozen shows he was fortunate to get cast in the original Broadway production of Animal Crackers, which led to his casting in the film. It wasn’t his first movie, however. He played opposite Eddie Cantor in his “Moe the Tailor” sketch in Glorifying the American Girl (1929), and also appeared in two films with Morton Downey that year, Mother’s Boy and Lucky in Love. You can also catch him in the 1933 musical Moonlight and Pretzels. He pretty much always plays the same guy. One different, yet somehow appropriate role he played, was that of sidekick Pancho on the radio version of The Cisco Kid (1942-1945), the part later played by Leo Carrillo on the TV version. Among his numerous later roles was a guest shot on The Honeymooners, and a regular role as Cousin Simon on The Goldbergs. Sorin’s last professional credits were on shows like The Defenders and The Naked City in 1961.

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