For National Dog Day: Dandy George and Rosie

The lovely little photo display above comes from this intriguing Spanish language website (and book) of dog photographs. Having just learned about Dandy George and Rosie this morning from researching DeForest Phonofilms, and the fact that it is National Dog Day, just this quick squib.

Dandy George (Albert George Spink, 1869-1947), a Suffolk native, started out in a comical acrobat act with his brother Fred called Spink and Spink circa 1890. The pair toured American vaudeville in 1896 and 1897. By the turn of the century that act had broken up, and Spink’s new music hall partner was a mongrel terrier named Rosie. The original Rosie is thought to have died or retired around 1910, following her last recorded performance at the Gaiety Theater in London. Spink was later charged with cruelty to his dog Andy in 1919. The De Forest Phonofilm Dandy George and Rosie was released in 1927, clearly with a new dog named Rosie.

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To learn more about vaudeville, please consult my book No Applause, Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous,