For National Hot Dog Day: Three Posts About Coney Island Frankfurters

What a good day for Coney Island, for not only is National Tattoo Day, but it is also National Hot Dog Day. As we all know, the frank was invented at Coney — it’s no coincidence that I would pay attention to the subject. As it happens, I have written no less than THREE posts about Coney Island hot dogs:

  1. This one about Charles Feltman, inventor of the dog;
  2. This one reviewing a 2014 documentary about Nathan’s
  3. and This one, reviewing a 2019 movie about the Coney Hot Dog Eating Contest

Please give them a peep! But take care — it may make you ravenously hungry. These days I tend to choose the revived Feltman’s over the all-too-popular Famous Nathan’s. I always root for the underdog.