My New Weber & Fields CD is Released Today!

Exciting news, that’s what it is! The new Archeophone CD for which I co-wrote the liner notes: Joe Weber and Lew Fields: The Mike and Meyer Files officially drops today. These two guys are not just the grandaddys of all comedy teams (influencing everyone from the Marx Brothers to to Laurel and Hardy to Abbott and Costello to the Three Stooges), but they were also two of the most important Broadway impresarios at the time when what we think of as Broadway was still being created, Their classic routines are now available to listen to, and I tell you they’re still funny. I’ll direct you to the official website now so you can learn more. And of course there’s my Weber and Fields blogpost here…but don’t go thinking you’ll have done your due diligence by reading that. The content in the liner notes is far more extensive, quite different, and the collaborative work of myself, Fields’ scholar Marc Fields, and Archeophone’s chief bottle washer Richard Martin. Not to mention the direct experience of the team themselves on the CDs. Place your order now! I said NOW! Go here.