This Saturday: I Take You to the World’s Fairs, By Way of Coney Island

May  4, 5pm: Coney Island and the World’s Fairs

To continue our World’s Fair theme, as part of Coney Island USA’s Congress of Curious Peoples, I’ll be giving this illustrated talk on how all the major World’s Fairs impacted Coney Island’s amusement district, as indeed nearly every one of them did, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. So many of innovations we associate with Coney actually began at the World’s Fairs. The ferris wheel? The parachute jump? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Strap your safety belt on for a talk as colorful and entertaining as its topic! Included with Coney Island Museum Admission, $5 for Adults, $3 for Seniors, Kids (under 12) and residents of Zip Code 11224. Free for members of Coney Island USA! Purchase tickets at the door.More details here. 

The talk is now posted here