Yesterday’s Vaudeville Show at the Slipper Room

Trav S.D., Jonathan Smith, Glen Heroy, Matt Roper (Wilfredo), Charley Layton

A little record of last night’s performance of the American Vaudeville Theatre at the Slipper Room celebrating 10 years of my Stars of Vaudeville blog series. It had been my first vaudeville show in two years; it was an interesting experience jumping back on the old circus horse. Unless otherwise credited these photos are by Jim R. Moore of Vaudevisuals. So many thanks to audience and cast who came out to share the evening!


Trav S.D., Betsy Propane


Lady Von Tramp, taken by Betsy Propane


Betsy Propane backstage. Photo by me!


Glen Heroy and Charley Layton, photographed by Keith Nelson


Headliner Wilfredo


Curtain call, photo by Keith Nelson

For even more terrific photos (and some video) of the show, see Jim R. Moore’s spread at here.