Jackie Condon: Peaked Early

The movie career of Jackie Condon (1918-1977) was over by the time he was 11 years old, but by that point he had appeared in 88 movies! Most of those credits were with Hal Roach’s Our Gang series from 1922 through 1929, but he also appeared in Jinx (1919) with Mabel Normand, A Convict’s Happy Bride (1920) with Alice Howell, Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921) with Mary Pickford, At Your Service (1921) with Sidney Smith, Penrod (1922) with Wesley Barry, and Dr. Jack (1922) and Girl Shy (1924) with Harold Lloyd. His last film was the Our Gang short Election Day (1929). Jackie is normally spottable amongst the gang by his unruly, long, matted mop of hair, rare for boys at the time.

Jackie was a tween by the time sound came to Our Gang, so he was dropped from the roster of urchins. He apparently tried to return to acting in later years without success. In 1953 he appeared on the TV show You Asked for It. For a time he worked in a defense plant alongside fellow Rascal Joe Cobb. 

Condon’s siblings Billy and Geraldine also worked as child performers, but much less extensively — they only have three film credits between them.

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