So-Fi Festival Debuts Tonight!

A couple of months ago I flipped both for St. Kilda, Jody Christopherson’s new solo work, and for Torn Page, the space where it was presented, which I’d heard about for ages but never visited. I’m delighted to learn that Torn Page and Christopherson (with her cohorts Nathan Gebhard and Romy Nordlinger) are launching a new festival of low-fi, multidisciplinary solo work, called So-Fi.  I am excited by what it promises: small-scale, intimate, stripped down and pure work in an atmospheric (even historic) setting for affordable prices. Artists being presented in this initial outing include Gebhard and Christopherson, Jon Torn, Erika Phoebus, Lisa Huberman, Nico Grelli, and the Coldharts (Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan). For tickets and all the info go here.