R.I.P. Cornelia Street Cafe

I know there’s always another shoe, and it’s always supposed to drop, but I didn’t know it would happen so quickly after this morning’s shoe.

Cornelia Street Cafe sent out a release today announcing that, after four decades, they will be closing their doors for good on January 2. (Thanks Adam Feldman, for sharing the news, sad though it is, via social media). I loved that place — it always felt like the historic Greenwich Village, food, art, poetry, and jazz all in one warm, intimate environment. I’ve been going there for almost 30 years, but didn’t really make any art of my own there until around 5 years ago, when owner Robin Hirsch let us use it as one of the locations for our Vaudephone series of vaudeville videos, thanks to my partner in the project Jim R. Moore, an old friend of Robin’s, who often exhibits his photography there. So now we not only have a record of the artists, but also the space itself.

Here are some of the ones we shot there:

The Lady Aye

Michael Townsend Wright, doing Smith and Dale’s “Dr. Kronkite” sketch…

Dandy Darkly

Noah Diamond

And little old me, Trav S.D

Again, here’s the official press release. Sorry to bear bad tidings! New York City is just melting away.