Pat Goldin: Miniature Man of Mystery

Some fragments on the mysterious Pat Goldin (1902-1971). Goldin appears to have been a vaudeville veteran who had been part of acrobatic duo, and later taught dance. He was a small fellow, around five feet tall, of Russian-Jewish origins. In the mid ’40s he began to get cast in movies in bit parts. You can see him in Bringing up Father (1946) and its Jiggs and Maggie sequels, as well as It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947), The Babe Ruth Story (1948) and many other films and TV shows starting in the ’40s. He was often cast as a waiter or similar walk-on, as a sight gag.

Due to his small size, and some anecdotal evidence, he is suspected of being the title character in the sci-fi classic The Man from Planet X (1951). Amazingly there seems to have been no definitive record kept! He’s also in Hugo Haas’s amazing film Paradise Alley (1962). His last credit was a British show called Mystery and Imagination (1970).

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