Was “Gilligan’s Island” Communist Propaganda?

Since we wrote extensively about Gilligan Island (and Sherwood Schwartz’s pretensions) just a few days ago we are amused to learn that a new movie is opening at Cinema Village in NYC tomorrow that dives right into that meaty subject.

The Gilligan Manifesto asserts that the seven castaways were living in a communist society and that “the show’s creator surreptitiously inserted cutting jabs at democracy and capitalism while showing that social harmony and survival require the abolition of private property and adherence to other Marxist principles.” It’s narrated by Rennie Davis of the Chicago Seven, and features interviews with Schwartz, as well as cast members Dawn Wells and Russell Johnson. Tomorrow’s 7pm showing will feature a Q&A with director Cevin Soling. News you can use! More about the film and screenings here.