Tomorrow: Last Chance to See “J.R. Brinkley”!

Edward Einhorn’s The Resistible Rise of J.R. Brinkley opens in the New York International Fringe Festival October 12 and tickets will sell out fast (just 5 performances in a 70 seat house). I play the titular quack, and I’m working hard to make the performance the best thing I’ve ever done on a stage.

Edward’s script is a deft, fast-moving magic show, layering the following elements: 1) Hitler’s rise to power; 2) Brecht’s Americanized allegory about it The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, 3) the story of the real life con man J.R. Brinkley (who made his fame and fortune transplanting goat testicles into impotent men), and 4) the rise of the con man currently occupying the White House. (And as a fifth layer, it’s played by me, with my long-standing public connection to both crackers and con men). On the eve of the mid-terms there’s no way in hell it won’t blow your mind! All with live country music, and the talents of me, Jenny Lee Mitchell, Craig R. Anderson, John Blaylock and Julia Hoffman et al. Please come share the experience with us! Tickets and more info are here