The Marx Brothers Council Podcast!

It’s Gummo Marx’s birthday today (and also that of the Marx Brothers’ father Frenchie) and that seems a MOST apt occasion on which to plug The Marx Brothers Council Podcast.

There are many levels of fandom. Most folks are cheerful dilettantes on the subject of their favorite star (though many think they know more than they actually do). But there’s always an inner circle of obsessives who get down in the capillaries, caretakers of the arcane, star-stalkers, and wanna-be family members of the famous. Those are the ones I can relate to, the ones who don’t tell the well-worn anecdotes for the 10,000th time, but who know the subject so well they have their own insights, or even nuggets of new information. So…the Marx Brothers Council is an informal Facebook club formed by Brit Matthew Coniam, author of The Annotated Marx Brothers and That’s Me, Groucho!: The Solo Career of Groucho Marx. Talking about Gummo, the long lost former Marx Brother is just the kind of raw meat the Council loves! And now they have an amazing podcast, and plugging that is my primary agenda item here today. It’s the work of Coniam, as well as my once and hopefully-future collaborator Noah Diamond, and cohort Bob Gassel. In addition to their own insights, they book great guests like Joe Adamson, author of what may be the best of all Marx Brothers books Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Sometimes Zeppo, and popular Groucho impersonator Frank Ferrante. If you only listen to one podcast…listen to this whole bunch of podcasts! To listen to the Marx Brothers Council Podcast, a.k.a. the Marxcast, go here.