Ginger Rogers’ Birthplace Now a Museum!

This just in over the transom: Ginger Rogers’ birthplace, 100 West Moore Street, Independence, Missouri, is now a museum. The Ginger House Museum, containing artifacts and memorabilia related to the life of the famous stage and screen actress, opened to the public on August 22. Rogers was born in this house in 1911 and lived there until she was five. The house was acquired by the museum folks in early 2016 and has been repaired, restored and refurnished with period-appropriate antiques. Work continues on the building exterior and the grounds, which curators Audrey and Marge say will include “period heirloom plantings and of course the Ginger Rogers Rose”.

They have all kinds of tours, talks, and events planned and a Ginger Rogers festival planned for July (her birthday month). And maybe coolest of all, they hold spirit investigations! I think the ladies who run this place are really on the ball. Their web site looks great, and they knew enough to contact people like me to publicize their opening (far from the usual case for folks who run local house museums)! More information about this lovely new project, including hours, admission, etc, can be found here.