Marguerite Farrell: “If I Knock the ‘L'” Out of Kelly”

A few fragments on vaudeville singer Marguerite Farrell, snatches taken from her obituary in Billboard, IMDB, and record catalogs. All we know is this. She started out around the turn of the 20th century. She played Shakespeare early in her career, but then became known for singing character songs in vaudeville, especially ones with an Irish theme. She joined the Rogers Brothers in their Broadway vehicle, The Rogers Brothers in Ireland (1905-06); The American Maid (1913); Step This Way (1916), in which she introduced the song “If I Knock the L Out of Kelly (It Would Still Be Kelly To Me)” ; and The Shubert Gaieties of 1919. She cut dozens of sides for Columbia and Victor between 1915 and 1917, and at least one record for Edison in 1923. And she played the top vaudeville venue, the Palace. Marguerite Farrell married fellow singer Frederick Wheeler, a.k.a James Harrison, and passed away in Buffalo in 1951.

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