Wonderland Comes to Bushwick (Thanks to Company XIV)

I realized with something like awe the other day that I have been covering and following Company XIV and their genius artistic director Austin McCormick for eight years, almost as long as the company has been around.

My first piece about the company was in 2010, for the Villager. I was randomly assigned the story, I think, and probably not too enthusiastic at first, but once I saw the company’s work my jaw dropped, and I have never wavered in my enthusiasm since. They are easily my favorite theatre company in New York and have been ever since that first performance. (That original piece is here).

Over the next few years I wrote several reviews about their work here on Travalanche; those pieces fell victim to my house-cleaning about a year ago (I took down nearly all of my old theatre reviews. I wish I could link to them now. Short-sighted housecleaning!) Then there were more assignments. In 2014, I wrote this Villager piece about their move to their Astor Place home. My most recent piece on them was this 2016 review of their adaptation of Snow White.

And now a new development. Back in the fall, Company XIV moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn. And ugh! Timing is everything. I used to live not far (walking distance) from that neighborhood, and my best friend , whom I frequently visited, lived right there. Back then it was…mm, a combat zone? And now I want so very badly to live such a short distance away as it has developed an incredible nightlife I want very much to be a part of (as a performer and presenter as well as one of the revelers). La! It’s all in the timing. At any rate, I spoke with Austin about Company XIV’s exciting upcoming season for Chelsea Now a few days ago. The most exciting news is a new adaptation of Alice’s Adventures on Wonderland! The new article is live. Catch it here.