Under St. Marks Still Ain’t Over

Books ain’t everything,sometimes you just gotta keep your eyes open to learn about history. You can read about guys like William Fox or Jesse Lasky or Marcus Loew who built these theatre empires that then turned into movie studio empires. Or you can pay attention to a guy like Erez Ziv, as I have for a couple of decades, as he patiently, doggedly, single-mindedly nurtures his baby Frigid New York (once known as Horse Trade, but not for too much longer as he’s rebranding). Erez may not arrive at a world wide empire, but nowadays it seems like you have to do the same amount of work just to survive! My point is you can learn about Fox, Lasky and Loew by watching their spiritual heirs in the laboratory of the present. Though it has to be said that Erez is much nicer than those guys. My article on Erez and the current state of his beloved there is here in this week’s Villager.