Yesterday’s Coney Island Burlesque Talk

Yesterday’s talk on Coney Island and Burlesque at Coney Island USA was a smasheroo thanks to a full house and a great performance by performing partner Vexy Minx a.k.a Enshara, whom the audience loved! Thanks to Brooklyn Betty and Glen Heroy for taking these photos (more are expected and we’ll share them her as they turn up. Be sure to check out all the “Ask the Experts” talks at Coney Island USA this season!

I lecture the throngs while a giant Steeplechase face leers on
Myself and Vexy Minx!
From Right to Left (Like Hebrew)…Lisa Mangels-Schaefer, Your Correspondent, and local theatre historian Cezar Del Valle. Don’t miss Cezar’s “Ask the Experts” talk on August 25!