You and Me and Mummenshanz

Photo Marco Hartmann

Proof that Mummenschanz is a tabula rasa (and that I was highly caffeinated as I wrote this): the many cosmic attributes I projected onto the mime troupe in this Chelsea Now review, which I have to say in all fairness is maybe one of the best-written reviews I’ve ever turned in. The bulk of them are workmanlike of necessity; it’s a job, after all. But this one captures not just the show, but me, and all of us right now, which I think all good criticism should do. Sometime soon I’m going to have swing by and collect that award plaque my editor is holding for me! (Allow me to be conceited today — most days the universe manages to kick me in the stomach in one way or another, as it does to most people). And go see Mummenschanz! My review is here: