Coming Up: Trav S.D.’s Tall Tales

Photo by Heather Quinlan

I am so excited to be able to announce my first public workshops of sections of my long-percolating solo show. TALL TALES mines American folk and pop culture to examine our eternal love affair with being conned. Songs, monologues, humor, a wide variety of archetypal characters and a few touches of vaudeville.

In this iteration, I play a cuckolded and inebriated farmer (and his wife); a showman advertising a circus that can’t possibly exist; a boastfully belligerent backwoodsman; an old bluesman; a promiscuous Swede; a patent medicine salesman; a New England fisherman with accounts of the “one that got away”; a television ghost hunter; and a creepy, money-grubbing Preacher!

Trying to describe TALL TALES is like trying to catch a greased pig. It has 10 bits: 2 of them I would describe as straight up sketch comedy with contemporary targets. One of them involves a parody of a famous horror author. One is essentially a stand-up routine from the sort of character you’ve seen in westerns. One is a 19th century circus bit. And then there are 5 folks songs: 1 serious but whimsical, and 4 humorous, with various degrees of rewriting by me. They range from child-like to bawdy and profane. Sources are African-American, Irish, And Anglo-American, and touch on the Mississippi Delta, the Pacific Northwest, New England, Appalachia and some fairy tale places. Pointing my spyglass at America past and present, sometimes satirically, sometimes with deep undisguised ardor. Is there anything redeemable in this culture? Is it rotten to the core? I’m groping for an answer from found fragments and my own inevitable editorializing. Hope you can be there to help me figure it out.

Prepare to have your leg pulled repeatedly! It’s all in the Brick’s Festival of Lies.

The show runs less than an hour and will be presented on the following dates.

Sat: 6/9: 3-4pm
Wed: 6/13: 7-8pm
Tue: 6/19: 7-8pm

For tickets, directions, etc go to :