Adam RealMan Brings Coney Island to Great Neck!

The Great Neck Fair was this past weekend, and to our delight our friend the sideshow star Adam Real Man of Coney Island USA took the stage for an hour. This was a particular delight for us, as I worked at Coney last year, and was pretty much out there once or twice every week. On a good day, it was only 20 minutes from my house. Now that we’ve moved clear over to the other side of the metropolitan area, the distance has become prohibitive, at least until we start driving (as we vow to). So having Adam come perform a ONE MINUTE WALK FROM OUR HOUSE was almost like one of those hospital visits where family bring you a favorite item from home. In fact, the only way it could have been more luxurious was if the entire Coney Island cast had come to do tricks for us at the foot of our bed, while we ate popcorn and drank champagne. But we’re working on that .

Adam’s set consisted of a wide variety of stunts, some of which I had seen him perform before, some I hadn’t. He did some sword swallowing and the human blockhead. He blew up a hot water bottle. But he also did some Second Sight work, and bent a spike in half with his bare hands! Perhaps most spectacularly, he accomplished a rare feat I have never seen any performer achieve before — he got the Mad Marchioness to join him on stage, a moment I will always treasure:

We also caught a portion of the fair’s new Music Festival, including the surf band Tarantinos NYC, and a Blondie Tribute band called Sunday Girl.

A good time was had by all, including your humble correspondent: