Tomorrow at the Silent Clowns: Keaton’s “Steamboat Bill Jr” and more!

I hope the Silent Clowns producers (and the ghost of Marion Byron) forgive me for making Steamboat Bill Jr my lede. The real concept of their program at Lincoln Center Library tomorrow is a Marion Byron double header: the 1928 short Feed ‘Em and Weep, in which she is part of a short-lived female comedy team with Anita Garvin; and then the 1928 Buster Keaton feature Steamboat Bill Jr, which is one of my favorites. Don’t get me wrong, Byron (whose nickname was “Peanuts”) deserves this attention; it’s just that I figured the Keaton title would grab more eyes. This is a guaranteed good time. Learn more about Byron here, and Steamboat Bill Jr. here. The screening starts at 2:30, and is free! More details about tomorrow and the Silent Clown new season is here.