Nora Bayes Gets Her Due, and More on April 21!

We would be remiss in our duties were we not to inform you that one of vaudeville’s greatest stars Nora Bayes is getting some long overdue tribute at Woodlawn Cemetery this Saturday, April 21 at noon. Bayes, whom we wrote about extensively here, made a lot of fans, but not too many friends. Despite the fact that she had once earned thousands a week (in a day when that equalled tens of thousands) by the time she was laid to rest there was no one to purchase a marker for her grave. My good friend Michael “Mac” Cumella has spearheaded an effort to get her a proper stone and Saturday it will be unveiled with a good deal of ceremony. We aim to be there! The NY Times wrote a nice item about it here. And event details are here.  Then at 3pm, Mac will lead a tour of graves of famous vaudeville and other vintage show biz figures at Woodlawn. Details about the tour are here. The Bayes ceremony is free; there is a fee for the vaudeville tour. (I visited many of those vaudeville grave myself — for my virtual tour go here and here.)