The Brewster Twins: “The Most Beautiful Twins in America”

In 1918 were born Naomi and Ruth Stevenson, known to posterity as Barbara and Gloria Brewster, a.k.a. the Brewster Twins. 

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, the singing, dancing sisters sang on radio and were signed by Fox in 1937. Their heyday was short: they appeared in just nine films: Ditto; Life Begins in College; Wake Up and Live; Love and Hisses; Wife, Doctor and Nurse (all 1937); Happy Landing; Hold That Co-Ed; Little Miss Broadway; My Lucky Star; Thanks for Everything (all 1938); Twincuplets (1940); and The Flame of New Orleans (1941). Their last hurrah as a team was the Broadway musical High Kickers (1941-1942) in which they appeared as “Stuart Morgan Dancers”.

Gloria retired to marry one of the Stroud Brothers, their costars in Twincuplets. Barbara worked as a solo just a little longer, retiring in 1947 to marry broadcaster Bob LeMond, whom she’d met while touring with the USO. Gloria died in 1996; Barbara, in 2005.

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