Dishonoring the Present President with a Poem

It’s Robert Burns’ birthday. I was going to tape myself reading “Ode to a Hagis” ( a real poem, btw) but instead there’s this, which has nothing to do with Robert Burns, aside from being a poem. I wrote it over the course of several months, finished it last summer I think, and first presented it live last September at a benefit for Houston flood victims (where it went over with a bang). I have no tape of that performance so, I grabbed a quick stolen moment and recorded it on my sofa.

A few months prior to that I wrote and shared a song about Bill O’Reilly and he was swiftly booted out of our lives, making the song instantly obsolete but making us all a little happier. I hope this does the same for 45! It starts out a little slow but I think you’ll find it picks up steam as it goes on. I’m still trying to find the right voice…I started out with “Al Lewis/ Chuck Schumer/ New York” with a little Jerry Lewis thrown in,  but the more I do it, it’s starting to come out sounding like my natural accent, rural Southern New England. I don’t know what you call white hip hop without an audible beat. A poem, I guess. I also flubbed a few lines, but when I get better version in the can I’ll replace this one. Submitted for your enragement: