R.I.P. Johnny Fox

Just got the word that what we were bracing for a few months back has sadly come to pass: Johnny Fox has gone to his final blowoff. Best known for his skills as a sword swallower, Johnny was one of the pioneers of the sideshow revival that began in the 80s and 90s and had even studied from the great Slydini. I was a frequent visitor to his Lower East Side Freakatorium (1999-2005), and had the privilege of presenting him once, in a series of vaudeville presentations I organized at the New-York Historical Society from late 2001 through 2002. Last year he was diagnosed with a triple whammy: Hep-C, cirrhosis of the liver and cancer and THEN in his weakened condition, slipped on the ice, hit his head, and went into coma. Amazingly he recovered and was performing as recently as a couple of months ago. Godspeed, Ye Roving Trouper!

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