At Last! A Way YOU Can Support Travalanche

Okay here goes nothing! Well not nothing actually: like everything else people tell you is easy in the Internet age it was a royal pain in the ass! It’s my Patreon page — I’m hoping that in this Season of Giving you will see your way clear to supporting the long unsupported TRAVALANCHE. You can chip in for as little as a dollar a month!

Please follow the link, and watch and read, to learn some impressive and possibly alarming facts about my blog, which is about to turn 10 years old. Remember, in this barren and cold Republic that cares not a fig for its Dreamers, there is only one way to show your support which feeds the bulldog and that’s by coming across with the spondulicks. Your generosity will not go unnoticed. It will be immoderately appreciated by someone who remembers better than an elephant.


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