HERE Turns 25

In 1990 or so I did one of my strange monologues in something called the “No Shame” festival at the Home for Contemporary Theatre and Art, on a bill with John Leguizamo and Aaron Beall. (It was just luck; I drew a lucky number). In 1993 Home merged with Tiny Mythic to form HERE. In 1997, I presented my play Hecate and Beckett as part of HERE’s American Living Room series, gave a solo performance in a variety show there, and participated in the RAT Conference that was partially planned and presented there. In 2000, I premiered my play House of Trash in their club space, which resulted in my first interaction with Martin Denton, who reviewed it and later published it. And in 2006, Michael Scott-Price directed my play The Dorothy Building in the American Living Room. The company changed around that time; since then I’ve mostly been a loyal audience member! I report this history of interaction as a testament to the fact that I have been a satellite in its larger community from the beginning, and we are approaching a benchmark to celebrate. HERE is now turning 25 years old! I interviewed the company’s two directors Kristin Marting and Kim Whitener and one of their past and present stars Basil Twist the other day for Downtown Express. Here’s the resulting article.  Happy Birthday, HERE!

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