I’m On the Hideaway Circus!

I had a splendid visit the other day with young newlyweds Josh and Lyndsay Aviner of the Hideaway Circus when they had me as their guest on their podcast program. Variety producers themselves (Slumber, the Miss Behave Game Show) their interest got piqued by my recent address at Coney Island USA about When Did the Circus Become Un-American?  We rapped about the dire state of American circus, vaudeville, theatre, my time working for Big Apple Circus and Tony Bennett, the origins of my book No Applause, animal rights, medicine shows, truth, lies, P.T. Barnum, 45, Alex Jones, and a possible show (or book) I may weave out of all that!

These kids are really good interviewers to have elicited all that from me. In fact (true story), they made me so comfortable that I immediately sat in a chair without being asked and drank a glass of water and just started jabbering. I never do that! The interview is here. (And be sure listen to other episodes. They get great guests!)

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