The Top Ten Vaudevillians on Travalanche (Revisited)

These Guys Don’t Even Make the Top Thousand, But I’ve Been Hunting in Vain for a Use for This Cool Photo

On a sleepy Sunday four years ago, we did a little survey to see which vaudevillians were most popular on Travalanche; the results were posted here. Noticing that the standings had changed a bit, we decided to revisit the topic this morning.

Know that now as then, these aren’t the top ten posts on Travalanche overall: other content streams, such as sideshow freaks, and movie and tv stars are among the topics that often beat out many of these vaudevillians, although the top couple are also very near the top overall. The results, as last time, are heartening, perhaps even more so now — they seem to make a bit more sense. (If you compare the lists, you’ll see what I mean; these are now all names you’d expect to make the top ten). I feel I still have work to do in terms of raising awareness of these performers and the site itself, but…all in aa day’s work. Here, then, are YOUR top ten vaudeville performers on Travalanche at this writing:

  1. Charlie Chaplin: Never surprising and genuinely heartwarming to know he’s first in the hearts of fans. He was one of the biggest stars of all time; I’m glad to know he still is.
  2. Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys: As before, we’re certain that traffic is driven here through periodic television showings of the bio-pic starring Bob Hope, and the fact that Travalanche fills a niche in talking about this famous kiddie act. Most gratifying.
  3. Laurel and Hardy: Naturally! As with Chaplin, still popular through ongoing movie fame.
  4. Marx Brothers: But of course. They didn’t make the list last time but all the Marxfest blogging I did changed all that.
  5. Burns and Allen: A wonderful development; they hadn’t even made the list last time. Their standings have been helped along by the addition to my own posts of a newer post by Lauren Milberger, which ranks among our top 25. They deserve to rank this high for sure.
  6. The Four Cohans: Their high ranking here very similar to that of the Foys; and for the same reason. Frequent screenings of Yankee Doodle Dandy help to spread interest.
  7. Frank Fay: Practically invented the role of master of ceremonies and modern stand-up comedian
  8. Eva Tanguay: Still ranks surprisingly high. I had never even heard of her prior to researching my book No Applause. But she is often mentioned in the media; she was incredibly influential, and a highly entertaining person to talk about.
  9. Buster Keaton (and The Three Keatons): This is a wonderful development. They hadn’t made the list before and they deserve to be near the top, both because of Buster’s ongoing movie stardom, but because of the notoriety of the family act
  10. W.C. Fields: Naturally! And helped along by the Fields Fest blogging we did a few months ago.

To learn more about vaudeville and all of these vaudevillians please see my book No Applause, Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever fine books are sold.

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