Scenes at the Battery Park Protest

Thousands gathered at Battery Park today to protest Trump’s Muslim Ban — a location obviously chosen for its symbolic value, across the harbor from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, right next to the Museum of the American Indian, and the oldest part of New York City. In a nation of immigrants, New York is the city of immigrants. Governor Cuomo said it best earlier today: New York may be the most diverse place in the world. We are FIERCELY proud of this. And this town is the site of the worst terrorist attacks in the country’s history! But New Yorkers all know so many people from so many different backgrounds, we know better than to judge any individual based on where they come from. We’ve seen the best and the worst of everybody, and it never comes down to what country they come from, or how they worship, or what their color is.

I arrived too late to get a good spot — the crowd stretched from the water, all the way back to Bowling Green. I couldn’t get close to the speakers, couldn’t even hear them, and am frankly foot sore (this was my fifth demonstration this week). I also didn’t realize a march was forthcoming; if I’d remembered there was to be a march, I’d have stayed longer, footsoreness or footsoreness! But I’m safely home now, watching it on TV. Wonderful to see the actions taking place across the nation. The New York bunch is at the courthouse at Foley Square as I write this.










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