The Anti-Trump Protests in NYC

Well, we’ve done our best not to have a TOTAL blackout here on the blog, but it was hard, especially on Wednesday, when I pretty much wanted to just Get Off the Earth. I think within a day or so I might be ready to return to regular content streams. After all, if I don’t, the Trumptistas Will Already Have Won. But this morning I HAD to write just a regular old theatre feature for The Villager — I’m under deadline. It’s good discipline to do something you don’t feel like doing. And if I did it today, I guess I can do it tomorrow or Monday, barring the next unfathomable sucker punch to the American soul.

But another thing that put wind back in my sails was gathering with thousands of protesters the last couple of days, and it did my heart good: A) to hear so many people expressing such positive sentiments: “We’re with you!”, and B) It gives you courage to experience the numbers of people feeling just like you.

I took a few snaps.

Actually I did drop by the rather small gathering at Union Square on Thursday and met up with a friend. I think I’ll leave her name out, because there’s no time like the present to start growing more cautious. I went in the afternoon, and it was the opposite of heartening, just a small number of people and a large proportion of them cranks. But it was good to see my friend and get out a little.



A little inspiration. One of the speakers reminded me of the Gandhi statue tucked away nearby

But yesterday (Friday) I went to a march that started at Washington Square Park — much bigger, more exciting, more energizing. I got there sometime around 4. I love it when you can hear the voices before you see the crowd. When I arrived the group encompassed the area from under the arch all the way past the fountain.





At this stage, the already large gathering was joined by a nearly-as-large group of chanting marchers. Not sure where they came from — maybe Union Square. It was hard to get in a photo, a video would have been better.



At this point I walked over to Union Square to see if there was anything happening. There wasn’t, so I came back. I was bummed at first to see Washington Square now blocked off:


I could see the marchers across this gulf but couldn’t get to them. But then I walked west and saw that they were spilling into the street and marching, so I joined them there.



This one was taken as we marched up Sixth Ave, drawing near 14th Street. It was heartening to see all the cheers of onlookers as we passed. I saw only one dude with a “Make America Great” cap along the way. He seemed to be trying to “Make Himself Important” by pretending to direct traffic. Anyway, I had to peel off at around 23rd Street to get to an appointment.

The plan today is to meet at Union Square Park after noon and stage a march en masse up to Trump Tower. I’m a little worried folks won’t make it all the way there — so many opportunities for cops to round up, pen and arrest people along the way. Wouldn’t it have been better just to meet uptown? But the visibility of the journey is also good, and it can snowball. If it’s like yesterday, people will join us all along the way. Please come if you can. It’s important to get the message across that A) large numbers of people disapprove of Trump’s policies. Only a minority voted for him. Clinton won the popular vote and most people just sat on their hands and didn’t vote for anybody. He has no ACTUAL mandate for his heinous platform. and B) It’s important to let the frightened people — there are millions of them — know that their fellow citizens have their backs.


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