The Wild and Whimsical Worlds of David Mallamud


I have been collaborating off and on with composer David Mallamud on a not-so-secret comic opera project for nigh on a decade, so I can testify that the man is not just musical, not just funny, but musically funny. His shape-shifting ability to glom onto and emulate styles makes him feel like a kindred spirit to me. Mallamud is masterful in way that serves the theatre especially well in that he not only knows the aesthetic history of his art form but he expresses himself through it. French music hall? He can do that. Country western? He can do that. 19th century romantic? He can do that. It’s not just craft: he puts himself into head of a different composing personality when the moment requires and feels it. Wisely he made his new CD reflective of that eclectic knack. I can’t wait to hear it. You can get your copy here.

Also, this just in: David got a nice mention in Rolling Stone this week. He’s been working on a project with Mike Mills of R.E.M. That story is here. 


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