BroadwayHD is Now Up and Running


I can’t plug this exciting new venture enough. More evidence of the revolutionary times we live in, and an example of one of its most positive manifestations: the democratization of access to information, art and culture. My friends the visionary producers Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley have launched BroadwayHD, a streaming video service that brings televised versions of Broadway productions into your home. This is wonderful for so many reasons:

Geography: it brings these shows to people who can’t get to NYC, which is the vast majority of the human race

Affordability: a one year’s subscription to the service costs about as much as the average Broadway ticket nowadays, and a single show is just $7.99. At first blush, this would seem to be a risk for theatre producers, but I think time will prove this isn’t the case. TV is not the same experience as live theatre. People who can afford to will always pay top dollar for the live experience. If anything, much like soundtrack albums, in the end, this service will function much more like an elaborate, deep, marketing campaign, helping to widen and cultivate a much larger audience for live shows. At the same time, it’s another revenue stream, one that’s coming from a market that’s been untapped by Broadway for decades: ordinary folks. Speaking personally, I rarely go to Broadway shows; I simply can’t afford to! But I can afford this. Ergo…

History: What a wonderful archive this will make!  And furthermore, video technology has improved a great deal in recent years. Not just the high definition aspect (which adds considerable pleasure to viewing events like these) but equally importantly, the AUDIO. Traditionally, video of theatre productions has been unwatchably and unlistenably awful for technical reasons. This is far from the case now, in fact it’s quite the opposite — it looks and sounds really good!

So the potential is here for a new Golden Age. Theatre junkies from all over the world will be able to binge-watch Broadway…and don’t think they won’t. For a much more thorough article on BroadwayHD go here. And to go directly to the site, learn more, join etc, go here:

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