Horror Month on Travalanche!


Happy Halloween! I know it is only October 1, but I can’t wait. I’ve come to think of the entire month of October as Halloween MONTH, and I know the chain drugs stores will back me up on this. I watch horror movies all month, read horror fiction all month, listen to vintage horror radio and spoken word, and check out horror theatre and haunted attractions. And yes, increasingly, blog about it.

Horror (most of it Gothic because that’s how I roll) has its own section here on Travalanche. I’ll be adding many new posts to that section every day this month, but as a lead in, I thought I’d provide this menu of some of our notable posts from the past for your decadent delectation. Just click on the link for the article. (No, please do that):

Some Thoughts on Gothic Horror

On the Vaudeville of Gothic Horror

The First (Silent) Version of Frankenstein

Imported Nightmares: On Some Early and Influential German(ic) Horror

The Voluptuous Horror of Conrad Veidt

Classic Horror: A Thumbnail Guide to the Studios

The Mystery and Horror of Lon Chaney and Tod Browning 

The Phenomenon of “The Bat” 

Doctors Jekyll and Messers Hyde: An Unconscionable Number of Versions

The Many Faces of The Phantom of the Opera

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (silent version)

On Dracula and His Children

On Frankenstein and Family 

The Mummy and its Offspring

On the Wolf Man, et al

The Invisible Man and His Offspring

On Mad Doctors in Movies 

On Voodoo and Zombies in Classic Horror

Sadists and Serial Killers in Early Horror

Evil Magicians and Mesmerists in Classic Horror

A Short History of Evil Ventriloquism in the Movies

Giant Monsters, Phase One

The Best Ape-Related Horror Films of All Time

On James Whale 

On Karl Freund 

The Horror and Mystery of Bela Lugosi

The Horror of Boris Karloff

On Colin Clive 

On Peter Lorre

The Classic Era Horror of John Carradine

Dwight Frye

On Scream Queen Fay Wray

The Many Faces of Una O’Connor

Lionel Atwill 

George Zucco

Classic Horror Meets the “Women’s Picture”

The Horror and Villainy of Charles Laughton 

Lon Chaney Jr. 

Films of Val Lewton 

The Horror of Vincent Price

The Horror of Edward D. Wood, Jr.

The Surprisingly Extensive Film Career of Tor Johnson


The Camp Horror of William “One Shot” Beaudine

Viva Roger Corman! 

On the Genius of Charles B. Griffith

The Horror (and Comedy) of William Castle

Trav S.D.’s Guide to the Great Psycho-Biddies

Spider Baby

Christopher Lee

Peter Cushing

The Horror of Late Career Ray Milland

Darkness in the Late Career of Ruth Gordon

The Munsters vs. The Addams Family 

Buster Keaton: The Spook Comedies

Abbott and Costello: The Horror Comedies

The Elephant Man 

The World Awaits a True Lizzie Borden

In addition to these, there are about another 200 posts in our horror section, including lots of capsule descriptions of classic horror films that played on TCM and elsewhere, some reviews of more contemporary horror movies, more bios of famous horror actors, listings about horror theatre and attractions, radio and television horror, and articles about classic horror writers. Coming this month look for much, much more!


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