D’oop! It just occurred to me that I neglected to mention something major in THIS space. The word went out over all manner of social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so forth. But I forgot to mention HERE that I got married to this one about about a month ago (no, not Henry VIII, the other one I mention).

I have no doubt I’ve been downright sickening in the amount of gushing I do about her. But if you think it’s all a Hallmark Card, I assure you there’s nothing wholesome about us. The main thing binding us together at the moment is a true crime documentary — I won’t even tell you what it’s about. But all the gushing got Dr. Lisa (Lisa Levy) curious and so she was generous enough to have me have me on her Radio Free Brooklyn show Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t a few days ago. I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s for years. It was a thrill to step off the diving board and let it all hang out for an hour. Most therapeutic. She probed into some dicey areas, stuff I have been planning to write about, but perhaps wasn’t ready to talk about yet. But that’s kind of the whole thrill. Most of it was me gushing about my new wife. Prepare to throw up! That is, if you haven’t already! Listen to it here:

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