R.I.P. Fyvush Finkel


Was saddened yesterday to hear that Fyvush Finkel has passed at age 93. When a show biz figure dies at that age it is not unusual to be  surprised to learn that they are still alive, for they have often been infirm and retired and out of the limelight for decades.But Fyvush was still going strong, after 80+ years in show business. In fact, he had done a one man show at the Metropolitan Room just five months ago. I was lucky enough to get to interview him  at that time for The VillagerI found him to be funny, sweet, sharp and and an absolute hog for attention. He was just what you’d expect and want him to be. May we all be so lively and full of fun when it is five minutes ’til midnight! The article from back in March is here.


  1. We are trying to reach someone he was my late Joseph Finkels either Uncle or Cousin I did get to speak to him once he knew the story of my Mother being adopted & my desire to learn more as she passed 4 day’s before my 5th Birthday! I wish we had a way to contact someone he’d said there were pictures! No history of my family to pass on to my children and grandchildren, I have lived my life with a hole no knowledge of family history!


  2. I didn’t know too much about himl, but recognize him immediately as the Crotchety Fire chief in Rescue Me. I had looked him up then, and was amazed at the longevity of his career. Go with God, Fyvush!


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